World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECs) Sketchnotes

I was very honoured to be an official sketchnoter for the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit (  This web-based conference happens each year in the late spring and features three weeks of webinars from thought leaders in the coaching world.  Ben Croft and his team also offer pre-conference workshops that are free for anyone who signs up. 

The sketchnotes below are from two excellent talks.  The first one focused on developing an internal coaching process and was given by Jane Creswell, CEO of Internal Impact (  The other, by Ian Brodie, a marketing guru (, offered tremendous insight into ways to grow your coaching business through deepening your relationship with clients over time using email marketing.

Jane Creswell - page 1

Jane Creswell - page 2

Ian Brodie - page 1

Ian Brodie - page 2

Ian Brodie - page 3

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