Organizational Cartography

 Organizational Cartography is at the intersection of organizational development, facilitation, coaching and visual thinking.  It is a phrase I coined to describe how complex organizational challenges can be analyzed and understood by creating clear pictures.

The essence of a good map – clarity and simplicity – is what characterizes Organizational Cartography.  It is the process of mapping what has happened, what is happening, and what you want to happen next for your team, department or company.  

Organizational Cartography is done using a variety of tools - facilitation, coaching, teaching, assessment  - but always includes a strong graphic element to create a concrete, visual component.  These visuals - either sketchnotes or wall charts - cement learning and ensure that you and your team are figuratively and literally on the same page.

My processes ensures that you will build practical solutions that can be implemented within your budget and your timeframe.  The visual elements accelerate understanding often lead to a better product in a shorter amount of time.

I understand all too well the desire to make organizations better - more effective, more efficient, more responsive - as well as more fulfilling places to work that cherish their customers and genuinely value their employees.  

People choose to work with me because, at some level, they want to make changes.  With my help, everyone in your team will use the same map, know the route to the next destination, and have the skills and ability to get there.